A self-taught artist, Aidan works from his home in Downpatrick, County Down. After spending 7 years working in the civil service, Aidan’s family had expanded and he took a career break to care for his children. During this time he decided to take his passion for art to the next level, and used the opportunity to turn his hobby into his career. In between school runs, homework, nappy changes and extra-curricular activities for his four children, Aidan spends his evenings and weekends producing paintings of animals, landscapes and portraits, many of which are on unique canvases. His paintings range from realistic to those with a more abstract touch, and all have their own unique characteristic.

A main feature of much of Aidan’s recent work is that they are produced on reclaimed materials such as wood and metal, however other more unique objects such as an old typewriter, an old leather jacket and a Belfast sink have also been utilised as canvases for Aidan’s artwork. The creative use of old materials to produce unique works of art is something that has captured the eyes of many of those who follow Aidan’s work. In 2018 a portrait of his son titled ‘Who am I?’, painted on an old leather jacket, was displayed in the Ulster Museum as part of the RUA 2018 Art Exhibition.

“My passion is to create; I allow the subject to influence how the final piece will turn out; I let my art flow and change through a creative process until I achieve the results I desire which can range from conservative portraits to more adventurous styles.”




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