Colour with Aidan #StayHome #TogetherApart #ColourwithAidan

Colour with Aidan

When was the last time you lifted a colour pad and some pencils and let the colours flow? Primary School for many people I am sure but fun for all the family, art and colouring in is not just for children and is well known for helping to calm and relax adult minds too.

Colouring induces the same state of relaxation as meditating, relaxing the amygdala (the fear centre of your brain) it can help to reduce the thoughts of a restless mind.

So join me in some relaxation through art. Take a break from remote working (and normal working for all those key workers keeping the world running – we salute you!) and home schooling, grab some colouring pencils or paints and let your imagination wander…

Tap into a ‘state of flow’, take your mind off the news and daily social media updates by taking some well deserved downtime and time for self-care.

Simply click on one of the images below, download and get colouring!!

Don’t forget to upload to Facebook or Instagram and tag me in your Masterpiece.

I feel a little competition coming on soon so stay tuned!


If the Cat fits

This painting is part of my ‘Real Meets The Not So Real’ series and it really allowed me to work on my animation colouring techniques as well as my realistic ones.

Have a go at colouring ‘If the Cat fits” and #StayHome



Download and colour

This was one of my first drip style paintings when I really started to experiment with the different personalities of the paint.

Have a go and see what weird, wonderful and beautiful ways you can come with to colour this wonderful African elephant and don’t forget #StayHome

The Sidekick

Another in my ‘Real meets the Not So Real’ series ‘The Sidekick’. Inspired by the legend that is Batman and his small but mighty sidekick Robin.

Many people have mentioned to me how they love my realistic Robins because they remind them of someone close to them – so along popped this little fella into my imagination and I just had to share him.

Colour him, enjoy experimenting with a range of colours and techniques and don’t forget to just #StayHome

Back Home

Download and colour
Where many wish they were and many of us are so lucky to be.

A beautiful scenic painting of the Mourne Mountains, this scene to many of my friends, family, neighbours and wider community perfectly describes being ‘Back Home’.

It could be the view from your home or the home of a loved one, it could be a view that brings back memories of holidaying in Newcastle. No matter what it means to you, there is no argument that this iconic view is simply breathtaking.

So now you can have your own go at colouring it. Experiment with the colours and personalise it to you – perhaps you will go for a dark colour palette one that reminds you of late nights in the pubs and clubs of Newcastle or perhaps a lighter tone to remind you of the early morning walks along the seafront or treks up the Slieve Donard.


I hope you enjoy colouring some of my paintings – I will hopefully get a few more images uploaded over the coming days. Don’t forget to upload to Facebook or Instagram and tag me in your Masterpiece, and as I said I feel a little competition coming on soon for those who joined in #ColourwithAidan so stay tuned!

Stay Home and Stay Safe everyone!


#StayHome #TogetherApart #ColourwithAidan





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