Win an Original Painting – Save the Children – Fundraising – Helpless

I am raffling off this original piece of artwork, titled “Helpless” to raise money and help support the work of Save The Children.

In the world that we are living in right now it is perhaps hard for some of us to see beyond Covid-19 and the impact that it has within our own society. The impact has been devastating globally and unfortunately in countries around the world Covid-19 has ravaged through societies that were already facing crisis be it through war, famine, extreme poverty or other diseases

Last year I produced this painting at a time when my family and I were going through a very rough time. I remember working on parts of the painting with tears in my eyes, it was the first and only painting I have produced that filled me with such raw emotion. At the time of painting, helpless is what I felt as I watched my mother be given a terminal diagnosis and watched my family go through such a hard time. I felt helpless.

Many of us will have faced moments like this where we feel we can do nothing however I firmly believe that if we all can make a small contribution to a cause close to our heart, then together we will make a big difference and save lives.

RAFFLE – £5 per entry

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