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Silent auction for an original painting

Silent Auction

Fancy owning an Aidan Sloan original?

I have had a real positive few months, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for all your support and encouragement!!

This little fella is available to purchase but instead of me putting a price on it, I thought I would have a little fun and auction off this small original to the highest bidder!!

“The Little Kingfisher” approx 10”x10”

Acrylic on strathmore gray paper, professionally framed!

PM me with your bids, auction closes on Sunday 15th July at 4pm.

**I will let you know if you have been outbid.
***I will contact the winning bidder shortly after 4pm on Sunday
****Bids accepted through social media private mail and email!

Good luck

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Dr George Edelstyn: Portrait of a pioneer in cancer research and treatment

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting my portrait of Dr George Edelstyn to Action Cancer, as well as the children and grandchildren of Dr Edelstyn, who had travelled from England to be there.

Action Cancer have recently moved premises, into a fantastic facility providing more services for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families. Despite moving premises, the history of Action Cancer is something that the charity hold dear to them therefore they felt a portrait of their founder would be ideal for their new facility.

Dr George Edelstyn, an oncologist at Belvoir Park Hospital founded Action Cancer in 1973, with the purpose of funding research into chemotherapy as well as providing support to patients and their families during the treatment processes. Dr Edelstyn was the pioneer of combination cancer chemotherapy.

The feedback I received from his family, and the staff from Action Cancer was a very humbling experience.

When I was asked to create the painting, firstly I was honoured to have been considered and, secondly, after researching and reading about the work of Dr Edelstyn I felt privileged to be provided the opportunity to capture the work and life of such a great man in a portrait. Producing a piece of art based on someone you don’t know can often be a hard task but with the internet, various blogs and news pieces, with contribution by academics, I was provided with a great basis to help me understand his work which in turn I hope I have captured in recreating this portrait as a painting.

I would like to would like to thank Action Cancer for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the charity in this way, and also to extend my thanks to the Edelstyn family, who yesterday, were so warm and kind to myself, my work and my family who attended the unveiling.


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Honoured to paint the portrait of Dr George Edelstyn the founder of Action Cancer

Last year while working at The Balmoral Show, Dearbhla and I had the pleasure of chatting with Gareth Kirk, the Chief Executive of Action Cancer. We chatted about my work and the different charities we had fund raised for.

A few months ago I received an email from Action Cancer asking me would I be able to paint a portrait of their founder for their new premises in Belfast. Obviously I jumped at the chance to donate some of my work to a charity that works to prevent and detect cancer as well as support patients and their families living with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer is something that has come into both Dearbhla and my families, and is something that almost everyone has been touched by.

Dr George Edelstyn, an oncologist at Belvoir Park Hospital founded Action Cancer in 1973, with the purpose of funding research into chemotherapy as well as providing support to patients and their families during the treatment processes. Dr Edelstyn was the pioneer of combination cancer chemotherapy.

Today Action Cancer supports people through cancer awareness, prevention and detection. Since 1973 their services have and continue to expand;

Digital Breast Screening
Support & Therapeutic Services
M.O.T. Health Checks
Health Promotion Programmes

Action Cancer is now based at 20 Windsor Avenue which was once home to Titanic designer Thomas Andrews.

Dearbhla and I recently had the pleasure of touring the building and seeing the state of the art facilities available to those who need it.

With only black and white photos of Dr Edelstyn available, producing this portrait was a challenge but one that filled me with great satisfaction once complete.

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Art bug, painting bug, marketing bug, blogging bug… stomach bug!!

I broke it!! I hoped I wouldn’t but I did!! However I look at why I broke it and it is all positive.

My New Year’s Resolution was to blog more (at least twice a month) about me and my work, but blogging comes secondary to my work as an artist and for the past month the attention towards my artwork has been more than I expected. Today is the first day in quite a few weeks that I have had an hour or two spare to write, unfortunately I have gained this hour or two as after a week of nursing a sick baby I have now got the stomach bug too.

Right now however I am trying mind over matter and therefore if I concentrate on the past month and writing, then my stomach bug will feel like it has magically disappeared, won’t it? Ah well here is to hoping!!

As I have said already, the past month has been a bit hectic. On top of my normal routine of being a stay at home dad by day and self-employed artist by night, as well as keeping the coffee companies in business, I have also had my original paintings placed in a local gallery on sale for the first time, my first gallery sale, confirmed a trade stall at the largest agricultural event in Northern Ireland – The Balmoral Show, as well as partnered with the organisers of the show for a competition to launch the 2017 tickets (and breathe). The competition request itself from the marketing team of the Show was a great compliment and the positive comments and messages following the launch of the competition was a lovely boost for myself, especially as a recently launched artist (with nerves particularly regarding my first major trade exhibit).

Since The Balmoral Show Facebook page launched their competition on 8th February I have had a great number of enquiries and comments regarding my work – and first of all I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all for the kind comments (feeling slightly overwhelmed)… and secondly I am now very excited (still nervous but perhaps slightly less than originally) about the stand at the up and coming show. Once this lovely bug has passed and I am able to stay awake for a few extra hours at night I will be back with the paintbrushes boosting my stock for the show. I am planning to have a range of paintings in a varied range of my styles at the show, hopefully there will be art that will delight and appeal to everyone. I am also planning to take orders at the show and will be willing to discuss commissions if requested so the next few months will be busy, busy, busy. 67 days to produce my stock with regards to original paintings and prints, get the logistics of the stall in order, discuss a few sponsorship opportunities as well as promote and market my work. Thankfully I won’t be doing this on my own as I have my business and marketing manager, my very own cheerleader always right by my side helping me out (thank you Déarbhla). Just over 2 months until the show and I must admit I am very much looking forward to the four days, showing my work, interacting and chatting with everyone, learning from the experience and other exhibitors as well as hopefully selling some artwork!!

As I said previously, on top of The Balmoral Show excitement I was also delighted to have four original paintings accepted into The Yard Gallery in Holywood, County Down. To top of the positive recognition of my work and messages from people who have seen my work first hand, one of these original paintings sold within two weeks of being exhibited. I was sad to see “Amos” go as he was one of the first ever highland cows that I painted however I am delighted that he is now brightening up his new owners’ home. I will be aiming to produce more art work over the next while that will hopefully also be accepted into the gallery so stay tuned (and I will be keeping the coffee machine on full power).

I must admit as a self-taught artist, I know I lack that bit of confidence that is built up through the chats with lecturers, teachers and other experienced artists. Sometimes I question if I am doing something right or if looks right… sometimes I spend more time questioning my art work than I probably should. However over the past few months and through all the sleepless nights, I have started to learn how to critique my own work efficiently and then trust in my decisions and my style. My wife believes in me, she tells me the truth; she works hard to promote and network for me and constantly encourages me. My family believe in me, 100% support from them (and frank honesty from my two eldest children which gives me a laugh and I very much appreciate it). Belief in myself sometimes is a struggle but I feel that the events over the past month have helped me to realise that I should believe in myself, in my style and in my art. The month of February therefore, despite me not keeping my New Years Resolution with regards to blogging, I feel I have achieved and learnt a lot about myself and my work.

I feel that the marketing of my work, the blogging, the website, the networking, the research and, of course, the work and late nights that I put into my art itself is starting to pay off. The fact that I can produce a piece of art that makes a stranger say “Waoh, I want that to be on show in my house/office/business” is a very nice feeling indeed!!

**And on a small side note, one of my aims of blogging was to increase interaction with everyone so feel free to comment and engage!

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Bottle-brushes, toothbrushes, hairbrushes and … Paintbrushes?!?

So, not to sound too cliché, I have recently started a new chapter in my book and become my own boss as a self-employed artist.

Last year my wife and I welcomed our third child into our little family … and as you may expect along came the additional costs that every family faces, including the biggest cost of all to a two parent working family – the childcare bill! And so the decision was made that my wife would return to work after five months maternity leave and I would take a career break and go self-employed as an artist. In theory it was the ideal solution – I would get to spend more time with the children as well as have the perfect opportunity to follow my passion for art and turn it into my career.

I had it all worked out. School uniforms and lunches for my eldest two would be prepared the night before as would the bottles and clothes for the baby. When my alarm went off in the morning we would swing into a great morning routine, breakfast, washed, teeth brushed, uniforms and out the door to school. I would get home and have a coffee while the baby slept. She usually does so for a few hours in the morning therefore I would have the time and space to work for a few hours before she wakes for lunch. Then lunch, for us both, and another hour or so work before the school run. Home, homework and snacks… perhaps another hour of painting before dinner. My wife would return home we would chat and laugh about how wonderful our day had been …

Ha … oh how I was slightly optimistic wrong!

The first week or so I told myself that we were all just getting into a new routine and the dust would settle soon… but here we are a few months down the line and it seems just as dusty as ever!!

When Thing 3 was only a few months old then I am sure working on my art during daylight hours while Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and no I am not being mean, it is fact a term of endearment for our children originating from Dr Seuss and a family holiday) were at school would have been easy. However she does not sleep much during the day and prefers to crawl, climb, babble, eat, crawl, climb, hide and then climb some more. The before and after school periods are not as calm as I hoped they would be, in fact they remain the whirlwind that they were when my wife and I both were at work and no matter how prepared we think we are something usually happens in the mornings that sends everything into a tail spin… and again in the afternoon. School runs, lunches, maths, reading, school projects, dinner…more non-art related things that keep a house running… and now time for me to start work AT 10PM!!

I have always been a very hands on dad so none of the housework or child related jobs is new or a surprise to me… I just thought now that I wasn’t actually in an office away from the house I would have more time to focus on my art work. My home is now my office so working on my art during daylight hours would be a no brainer… but nope my coffee machine is on at 9:30 pm to get me ready for a few hours of painting and creating. If I’m lucky I will crawl to my bed before sunrise – perhaps about 2am I will feel satisfied that I have worked for a few hours and trundle up the stairs to bed –  and then 6:30am comes quickly!!

However, although it is not entirely as I had planned; it is no-where a negative experience! The daily school runs and conversations with my two eldest children are great opportunities to become inspired. Chatting with the children and listening to their stories and songs helps me to see the world in a different perspective – from a child’s innocent unrestricted imagination. They may not realise it but one sentence from them could help me see a painting from a different view point and overcome some artist block. My daily drive through the countryside lets me see animals and nature in a way that I have missed before, despite driving the same roads to my previous office. These daily commutes and new perspectives are what encouraged me to work on animal paintings, which I am finding the confidence to expand on each day…

So although the days are not as “routine” as I expected, I wouldn’t change it for the world. As an artist, the past few months have given me an ability to expand and see things differently and I can’t wait to see how things progress over the next couple of months!!

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Art Exhibition and Charity Auction by Newcastle Supports Syria

We have all seen the pictures of the children from Syria, lost, scared, hurting both physically and mentally… the families thrown from their homes in a war torn country! I know it has broke my heart reading the stories, the human reality behind the war, the destruction and carnage that these people have had to face, or are trying to flee from! It is hard to put ourselves in their positions or to know what we would do if faced with their reality… but their reality is our reality too!

Take politics out of the situation I am looking at and I see the human pain and suffering, I see my own family facing that hardship and I crumble. Sitting here it is hard to know what I can do to help but I know that every small bit can contribute to support the refugees from Syria, to help them build new lives and continue to live, to help them feed their children or even keep them warm!

I heard a young man from Syria speak a few weeks ago, he recently came over to live here. His story broke my heart… he spoke of his homeland, of how he missed it and wanted to return but in the mean time he wanted to work hard to own a business, a hairdressing business in particular. In the few weeks in which he had been here he had already almost perfected the English language and started to study for his qualifications… the one thing he said that struck me was “I do not want to be a refugee… I never thought I would be a refugee”. Many of these people have had to up and leave their country for their survival with nothing but what they could fit in a bag and the clothes on their back!

This weekend in Newcastle, many community businesses and individuals are coming together to raise money and awareness of the situation in Syria.

A small art exhibition is being held in the Newcastle Community Cinema (St. Mary’s Hall). I have donated “Heaney” a painting on canvas of Seamus Heaney and you can help raise money by bidding on this piece! I would love to be able to do more but I wouldn’t know where to start however if someone buying this painting can help, feed, clothe and keep a family warm for a while then I know it is a good start!!

Call down to see more artwork from other artists too as well as my original painting of Christy Moore which will be on display!


Keep up to date with the good work of Newcastle Supports Syria on Facebook by clicking the image below






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Belfast Late Night Art Tour – First Thursdays

Ink Monkey 06/10/16


This Thursday 06/10/16 and the first Thursday of every month, Belfast is the host to the Late Night Art Tour.

This is when some art galleries in Belfast stay open late to showcase the latest materpieces that the local art world has to offer.

I have kindly been asked to display some more of my work for sale in Ink Monkey Art Supplies @ 17 North St Belfast.

If you would like to view or purchase some of my work from Ink monkey this Thursday is the perfect opportunity!

Tommy and Jenn at Ink Monkey are lovely people and have a really cool shop! call in and say Hi!

harley joker