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I am a self taught artist based in Co Down, Northern Ireland. I enjoy delving into the depths of my imagination and bringing the images I see to life through painting. I do not have formal training but rather I have built my experience by following my passion and talent for art. I specialise in portrait and animal paintings.
My passion is to create; to produce all styles of paintings ranging from straight forward portraits and animal paintings to adventurous abstract colour creations. I allow the subject to influence how the final piece will turn out; I let my art flow and change through a creative process until I achieve the results I desire which can range from conservative portraits to more abstract interpretations. My portfolio is growing daily and my work is starting to reach further and further around the globe, with recent sales in Australia and America my international fan base is expanding rapidly.
Feel free to send me an email or enquire about a certain piece or potential commission. I hope you enjoy looking at my art.

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Phone: 0773 4839 607
Email: info@aidansloanart.com

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