Art Exhibition and Charity Auction by Newcastle Supports Syria

We have all seen the pictures of the children from Syria, lost, scared, hurting both physically and mentally… the families thrown from their homes in a war torn country! I know it has broke my heart reading the stories, the human reality behind the war, the destruction and carnage that these people have had to face, or are trying to flee from! It is hard to put ourselves in their positions or to know what we would do if faced with their reality… but their reality is our reality too!

Take politics out of the situation I am looking at and I see the human pain and suffering, I see my own family facing that hardship and I crumble. Sitting here it is hard to know what I can do to help but I know that every small bit can contribute to support the refugees from Syria, to help them build new lives and continue to live, to help them feed their children or even keep them warm!

I heard a young man from Syria speak a few weeks ago, he recently came over to live here. His story broke my heart… he spoke of his homeland, of how he missed it and wanted to return but in the mean time he wanted to work hard to own a business, a hairdressing business in particular. In the few weeks in which he had been here he had already almost perfected the English language and started to study for his qualifications… the one thing he said that struck me was “I do not want to be a refugee… I never thought I would be a refugee”. Many of these people have had to up and leave their country for their survival with nothing but what they could fit in a bag and the clothes on their back!

This weekend in Newcastle, many community businesses and individuals are coming together to raise money and awareness of the situation in Syria.

A small art exhibition is being held in the Newcastle Community Cinema (St. Mary’s Hall). I have donated “Heaney” a painting on canvas of Seamus Heaney and you can help raise money by bidding on this piece! I would love to be able to do more but I wouldn’t know where to start however if someone buying this painting can help, feed, clothe and keep a family warm for a while then I know it is a good start!!

Call down to see more artwork from other artists too as well as my original painting of Christy Moore which will be on display!


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