“This Wee Place Here” solo exhibition 10/01/2019


Come along to the opening night of Aidan Sloans new Art Exhibition ‘This wee place here’.

Enjoy nibbles and drinks while exploring the various paintings on display.

Aidan’s new exhibition examines the characteristics of Northern Ireland as perceived by a post troubles artist living and growing up in rural County Down. The work on display will provide an insight into Aidan’s perception of Northern Ireland, rarely but not untouched by the conflict that plagued Northern Ireland for 30 years.

Along with landscapes and animals, the exhibition will display images from politics and history. The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to appreciate the style of art as well as the various facets of Northern Ireland.

Opening Night: 10th January 2019 at 7pm

The Main Gallery
The Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick

Exhibition runs from 11th January – 2nd February

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