Climate Changed

“Climate Changed”

Acrylic Painting on a retired air compressor

Last week I learned that my painting “Climate Changed” has been accepted into this years Royal Ulster Academy of Arts Annual Exhibition.

I have had this air compressor in my possession for quite a while now. I was given it by someone who knew I liked to reclaim old materials and create art on unique canvasses.
I have lifted it many times to start work on and produced several idea sketches of what I was going to paint… but nothing ever seemed right.

Recently I have become a lot more aware of climate change, of the impact our current lifestyles are having on the earth and on future generations – the generations of my children – and I suppose while we locked down and the Earth slept and healed ever so slightly for a few months last year, it became all the more obvious that we as humans are slowly (although speeding up) causing destruction that will very soon be irreversible.

Destruction to the planet that, at the end of the day, will not only lead to a serious loss of wildlife, animal life, plant life and actual parts of our planet, it will also have serious consequences for our own lives; wearing a mask and sanitising our hands will be the very least of our problems.

I drew upon things that I have read and watched to produce this latest painting in an attempt to demonstrate just how precious things that people currently take for granted truly are, and very much will be in the future.


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