Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts

“An Laoch”

(The Warrior)

I am delighted to announce that my painting “An Laoch” has been accepted into the Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts 191st Annual Exhibition.

This painting is a depiction of my beautiful daughter Ríoghnach. She is a strong, free minded wonderful human who I love dearly. I look up to her for being the amazing, care free individual that she has become.

Despite developing Epilepsy as a young child, and later being diagnosed with Autism, no matter what challenges she is faced with, she defiantly faces everything head on.

Ríoghnach wears her unique personality and beautiful perspective of this world proudly like a badge of honour.

This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and to have not one, not two but THREE of my paintings recognised by three different prestigious exhibitions is absolutely amazing.

My painting “Climate Changed” was accepted into the 140th Royal Ulster Academy of Arts Annual Exhibition, while my self portrait “The Spotlight on Grief” was accepted into the online exhibition of The Ruth Borchard Collection Self Portrait Prize 2021.

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